Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips

Hello Beauties! I've heard so my hype about the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips that I had to check it out for myself. Colour Pop offers a range of beautiful colors and there so many that I liked but I only bought 3 too see if it was worth it.

Jingle VoxBox from Influenster

Over the weekend I finally received my JingleVox Box from Influesnter and it was filled a bunch of goodies.

Annie's Organic Tomato Soup

I received Influesnter's Comfort VoxBox and I was able to try out Annie's Organic Tomato Soup.

I shared this soup with my son lunch earlier this week and I must say it was very good. Other tomato soup's I've tried are a bit on the salty side and this was seasoned perfectly. It was not to salty nor was it to bland. It was the perfect consistency and very smooth. I will definitely buy more of this soup and give their other flavors a try!

Still here??

Is anyone still here in the blogger world? Honestly since Instagram has been around and I've had my Instagram I've become really lazy with my blog posts. Instead of posting my nails and hauls on here I've been sharing them on Instagram and because of that I just may not even do anymore posts on here. At the same time I would hate to just give up on it all at once so for now I'll just keep the blog up.

If you have an Instagram and want to keep up with my posts feel free to follow me there: MakeupPolishObsessed
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Chevron Nails

Hello beauties! About 3 weeks ago I had purchased some nail stickers to do new nail designs. I have noticed how girls on IG where using these vinyl stickers to get these designs so I decided to purchase some for myself. I purchased 3 different types of stickers: strips, chevron and single chevron from Neverland Lacquers who used to be Pop Culture Cosmetics.
Each of the stickers I bought contain 100 each and I got them on sale! 

Yes, it's been awhile.....

Hello loves, I know it has been some time since I last blogged but to be honest it was sort of hard to keep up and do what I wanted to do with having to live with other people. Not that they kept me from doing it but I just somehow couldn't keep up with it. So good news is that we have our place again!! I hope with having our own place again I can get back into blogging.

If you do not follow me on Instagram then you probably have not seen any of my nail posts so what I will do is post the pictures here to get you all caught up. If you don't follow me on Instagram feel free to do so, you can find me under: MakeupPolishObsessed. Please keep in mind that it is my personal IG account so not only will you find pictures about nail polish and makeup but you will also kind posts of other stuff I'm the bio it explains everything :)