Everyday Makeup

Quick post just share with you how I do my everyday makeup. I use browns for my everyday look it pretty much comes easy and natural to me to reach for these colors when getting ready for work.

I use the 88 matte palette and the Wet n Wild Vanity palette (makes me sad they discontinued their 6 palette eyeshadows). Here are the pictures with the eyeshadows I used numbered.

2-inner corner of my eye
4&5- mixed together for my crease and blend up a bit.

The Look:

I never use any eyeliner or mascara for my bottom lids for work. I pretty just try to keep it simple.


  1. I think it's great not to use mascara or eyeliner on bottom lids.. especially if you have dark circles like myself. Good idea :)

  2. i love this look!! i hope you do more makeup of the days!! :)

  3. Fabulous eye makeup! I love the shimmery of it! :D

  4. So pretty and subtle. Great for every day wear.

  5. this looks so natural gorgeous..

  6. This is super pretty!! I love how it's neutral but sooo not boring. The shimmery shadows you used adds a really pretty touch to it. Girl, I'm sad they discontinued them too. :( The Lust palette was my ride or diee!! lol xx


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