I Won a Giveaway & N.O.T.W.

I'll first start with the giveaway I won from Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful. I won the Become Beauty Weekender Sample and here it is

The package says it only has enough sample for 2-3 days and I used it today so can't to much about it yet. But when I first got it I had totally forgot I had entered this giveaway, lol. I'm glad I won it.

Now on to my N.O.T.W. I know on Instagram I said I wouldn't blog post this but I'd figure I do it to share with those who don't have Instagram. I used Sinful Colors Dream On and Bikini, just did something very simple.

Without the flash

With Flash

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday (last day for a fun day)!!


  1. I love these nails Monica & Congrats on winning!

  2. congrats on winning!!!!!! i hope i win something from jessicas giveaway!!! lol... love the nails ♥

  3. Congrats! That's awesome!

    I nominated you for some awards.


  4. congrats thats is great!!
    oh my gosh i love your nails!!!!!! they look great!:)

  5. super duper congratulations! love your nails girl :D


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