Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips

Hello Beauties! I've heard so my hype about the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips that I had to check it out for myself. Colour Pop offers a range of beautiful colors and there so many that I liked but I only bought 3 too see if it was worth it.

The colors I got were Trap, Luumiere 2 and Teeny Tiny. 

From top to bottom - Trap, Lumiere 2 and Teeny Tiny.

Here are the swatches
Lumiere 2

Teeny Tiny

I haven't wore lip color on my lips for a few years so I was hesitant on buying these because it was something that was somewhat "new" to me again. But I loved them!! They are so affordable at only $6.00!! The shipping was a standard flat rate of $4.95, which isn't so bad. If you have never purchased from Colour Pop before, upon entering their website this will pop up.
Simply enter your email address, sign up for their newslettrs and the $5.00 coupon code will take care of the shipping costs. 

They dry fast and apply easily. Since they are matte I apply a lip balm before applying the product, this is to ensure my lips have some kind of moisture. 

These Ultra Matte Lips are long lasting are color stay is amazing! I had went to my brothers wedding 2 weeks ago, just a few days after these came in the mail, and had the Ultra Matte Lips on for 9 hours. I only touched up once which probably wasn't needed but since they had tacos (Yum) the color inside of my lips faded a bit and that's only part that I touched up. 

Since these Ultra Matte Lips have a great color stay it can be a bit hard to remove the color. Rubbing the color off simply won't do the job. When I remove the lip color I either use Coconut Oil or a moisturizing lotion. Even with using these two products it takes a few wipes for it to be completely removed. 

I'm so happy that I made these purchases and will be buying more in the near future. I already have a list of all the colors I want!!

Here is their website if you'd like to see what products they offer

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