Color Street

 Hi everyone! It really has been a very long time since I've updated my blog. I am posting posting on Instagram if you follow me 😊

I want to let you all know that I recently became a Color Street Independent Stylist! 

Doing my own nails was becoming to time consuming since my nails must be perfect which would take well over an hour. I didn’t always have time to do my nails and went on with naked nails often. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you noticed my lack of nail posts. Then around May of this year I was introduced to Color Street simply by requesting a twosie (a 2 finger Color Street sample) and taking the Color Street Challenge. Since then, the excitement of doing my nails and having an amazing manicure was back!

Why did I decide to become a Color Street Stylists? 

I get beautiful looking manicures at an affordable price and my manicures do not take up time. Every single one of us have busy lives, right? I want to help provide people a way to feel beautiful even it’s a simple as having an amazing manicure in no time at all. Why not do your own nails with Color Street! Who wouldn’t want to save money? Trust me ladies, I would not have gone with Color Street if it did not WOW me. I believe in Color Street so much that I won’t ever go back to buying nail polish or even use it again. I personally tried out the sets beforehand, tested its longevity and fell in love and I know you will too!

What is Color Street? 

100% real nail polish

Zero dry time


Variety of colors and designs

Can last up to 10 days 

Can be used natural, gel and acrylic nails

Made in the USA

This was my first time using my Color Street sample as accent nails with liquid polish. As you can see Color Street held on a lot longer than the liquid polish. 

Here are some other manicure's I've done with Color Street

Here are collages I made prior to becoming a stylists showing how long lasting Color Street really is!

Isn't Color Street AMAZING!! You can shop my link here: