So Much Stuff....

So much stuff has been going on this month but it's ended up going fairly well. For starters my job, again, had to go through lay offs. Why? Well here's the thing I work at a union job and with the new contract we were all to get a raise as of 3/1/10, company said they didn't have the money and wanted us to wait till next year to get our raise. Well the left up to us employees to wait or get our raise now and have about 10-15 laid off. Time came for the decision and turns out that supossedly everyone wanted the raise? How I dont know, none of the shop stewards came up to me or anyone else that I've talked to see if wanted the raise or not. We were all upset cause come one $0.43 raise??? How much more can that give us? So to keep this long story short layoffs happened, but I was yet again safe at my job. With all this happening though the company decided to split up our dept (customer care center) into 3 depts. So its been two weeks in my new spot and I'm adjusting pretty good now. I have more office space and the dept is pretty nice.

So the second thing is that my husband and I were finally able to buy our first car togehter! For those of you who have been follow me for a while know that my old car was given to me as a christmas gift by my parents the year my son was born and has been nothing but trouble. So we are so happy to finally have a newer used car and it has been great!!! We just bought it on tuesday and we have been out and about.


  1. Sis if you have time, please join its a forum about Friendship and Counseling and Fellowship... hope to see you there :)

    Love your newwww Layout!!! XD

  2. oh wow so blessed! hehe :D


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