Just don't know....

So here lately I just feel like I'm drowning. I haven't been to church since Oct. 31st of last year, haven't been doing what I know I should be doing. The past couple of days I've been really thinking about how things used to be before I started going to church things I was into especially the music and starting to listen to it again. I'm slowing slipping, but the good thing is that I've noticed it and need to stop before it gets out of hand and goes to far. So as of right now I am looking for a new church since I do not want to go back to my old one. I think I found one closer to home and hopefully I do try it out.

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  1. Going to church is a must in every Christian because it is one of the commandments of God... but I realized that at the end of the day, being in a church is a part of growing up in faith with God because of the word of God and message. But.. what matters is.. the relationship between you and God. There are other Christians that I know doesnt have a time to go to church but they are very strong in faith because of their relationship with God =) so if I were you... before you go to church and well as you are looking for a church... make your relationship deeper with God through prayer, reading the Bible :) It worked for me when I lost a church :)


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