Counting down

So we got about 2 more weeks before head up north for our yearly camping trip. We will only be there from Friday night through Monday, not to long but good enough to get away. I'm so happy to leaving, but now we just have to make sure we have everything we need.

Onto another subject, I've been wanting to get nails done again but of course I don't want to pay to get them done right now. So I've been watching You Tube video's on how to do different looks on my own. I'm the type of person who normally sticks to one type of style which is white tip french manicure just because it goes with everything. I had went to the dollar store and bought some L.A. Color nail polish (Nuclear Energy) and art deco (Black & Silver Glitter) in colors I would never thought I'd use. So last night I was bored and decided what the heck I'll do my nails, they are still with tips only but for me it's different. The only thing I did not like about the nail polish is that it goes on to sheer, I had use about 3-4 coats in order for it to come out dark enough. The art deco polish works really well and you don't need to use as much coats. Click on the pictures below to see.

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  1. ahhh cool :D aahhh I can't design my nails like that ;_;


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