French Tip Nails

A while back I had found a video on You Tube on how to do your own french manicure, which has really helped me and I truly say that after trying this I love how my own nails came out. Before I would try to just paint the tip of my nails but I could just never get it right and after trying over and over again I would just get frustrated and remove it. So when I found this video of course I was happy and I finally gave it a try today. I don't know about you but I do not have a steady hand so that is why this really helped. If you wish see the video here it is and it's a video by sccastaneda.

Here is what I used:
Jordana White Polish
Nailene Top Coat
ELF Eye Shadow Brush #1815 (Target $1)
Nail Polish Remover
Small Container

Final Result

Showed both hands because I'm right handed, just so you can see how pretty much even they are, pretty good huh? I know they are not perfect but I loved how they came out.

So today I went to a store called 123 Dollar Stores and I bought the two Jordana nails polishes above and also found what looked like a big match book but it was a file book and it has 24 mini files that just break off. As soon as I saw these I just had to have them since I always make sure my nails are nice and filed at all times.

So what did you think of the video? Help any?

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  1. I can never figure out how to give myself a french manicure! The video actually helps a lot! Most videos would show people using the fine tip manicure pen so perfectly and in reality you can never really make your nails look as perfect as they do. This seems like an easier way to do it and I'm definitely going to try it out :D
    Thank god for youtube videos!
    Your nails turned out really good!They look like they were done professionally :D


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