School and Planning

So next Tuesday is the first day of school for my son, he is going into the second grade!! Gosh how time fly's by so fast. I'm so glad he's already for school, got his uniforms, backpack's, and school supplies. I'm really hoping he gets a great teacher just like he did last year.

Alright so his 8th birthday is in a month and half and we are doing a party for him. I've already made his invitations and now need to print them. Usually for his birthday we buy the food already made but this year I'm going to make the food and I'm making his favorite which is chicken enchilada's but using the green sauce with rice and beans, yes a typical mexican dish. My mom will be making his cake as she always does and this helps out a lot. The theme he picked this year is SpongeBob which makes this so easy cause SpongeBob is easy to find. Last year he picked Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs and ugh it was hard to find anything.

The design I did for my son's invites which are suppose to look like tickets. I truly enjoy making custom invites and have even started a website but I have not yet opened it. I'm so afraid of opening the site because I don't know how its going to work out.
Well wish me luck with the birthday planning! Oh here is the design of the birthday invites.

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