Late Christmas Post

Yes I know this post is late but as I said in previous post I've been without internet for 3 months. I just wanted to share what my hubby had bought me for Christmas! He bought me stuff from Bath & Body Works (2 lotions, 2 Body washes and 2 sprays). He bought me a desk so I can turn it into my own vanity and finally have a place to do my makeup other than on the floor.

He also bought me the 10 blush palette and 32 lip color palette from Coastal Scents.

I haven't really played with the lip palette yet so I can really say much about it. I have, however, used the blush palette. I love the colors its a mix of pink and peachy colors. I use it Monday-Friday when I go to work. The palette does have a mix of matte and shimmer but the shimmer ones in my opinion aren't over the top shimmery. They all have great pigment and are very beautiful colors.


  1. Great stuff love the desk! Glad to see ur BK in service ;) haha. Thnx for showing love to my bloggy! Yes those flowers were freehand no stencil but I am gnna buy one soon lol

  2. omg that makeup box under the drawer is the one i was gonna get yesterday!!! Its sooo cute!!


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