Magnetic Nail Polishes

I may be a bit late on the whole magnetic polish craze but I just could bring myself to spend $10 or more on a polish that I was sure if I was going to like or not. So while visiting my parents last week I had stopped by a store and found they sold these polishes for only $1.49! I picked up 3 of the polishes and the colors I got were Silver, Dark Purple and Sky Blue.

The magnet design


What are you opinions about these magnetic polishes? Love them, hate them or do you think they are just ok? 


  1. I recently bought the China Glaze Magnetix polishes and love them! :)

  2. very cool, I've been dying to try these :))

  3. i love them!!!! i bought mine at claires!!!

  4. love the post!!! i really wanna try these!!!

  5. i always like the way they turn out. great price girl.

  6. No wayyy! $1.49? What store was that? Pleassse, do tell!! lol I haven't tried them but I must admit they look pretty effin cool lol. You picked some nice colors too. xx

    1. I'm going to have to find out the name of the store, lol, its one of those random $1+ stores.

  7. niceeee!!! I wish we had those polishes here in my wack city!! lol :\


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