N.O.T.W- OPI Tickle My France-y

This week I'll be sporting a simple mani with OPI Tickle My France-y. I wanted to do something different but since the yellow in my nails from my St Patty's Day mani is still fading out I wasn't able to do it. I do love this color though, its such a pretty nudish pink.

Besides showing you my N.O.T.W. I also wanted to ask you girls a question. I know there are many monthly subscriptions out there but in your opinion which do you think are worth it? I've seen videos showing what you get from Topbox, MyGlam, Birchbox, Beauty Army and i'm sure there's much more. But from your experiences which ones give the best products? I've been wanting to subscribe to MyGlam because every month since they've started almost every bag has items I'd be excited to receive. I just need to wait till subscriptions open again and when they do, jump right on it. Anyways let me know your opinions?


  1. I wanna pick this color up next time(:
    Um, I heard topbox is a great monthly sub, than glam bag; my friend got her glam bag is she's not impress by it; I also saw top box pictures from other people at instagram; it just seems like my glam gives out samples when you can get them for free.

    thanks for the review!
    check all my latest blog(:
    ur opinion matters

  2. Im wearing a smiliar color right now but its a Love & Beauty Brand.


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