This Weeks Makeup Looks

This week at work I've actually been trying to use other colors with browns than just doing my normal pure brown eyeshadows. I still did use brown in my crease but hey let's start off with baby steps. Here are some of the pictures that I've been posting on Instagram.

Tuesday's Look using neutral palette and Wet n Wild Vanity palette

Wednesday's Look using 88 matte palette and Wet n Wild Lust palette

Thursday's Look using my blush palette for the peach and Wet n Wild Vanity

Friday's look was the same as Thursday but added my NYX glitter liner so no picture. 

Saturday's look used Sigma's sample palette in Oversea and I forgot what brown I used


  1. love the looks!! especially the pink!! :) great job girl!!

  2. Brown is such a great safety net! Plus it looks great with everything, right?!! lol These are so pretty!! I love that last green one the most! You do great at babysteps!! haha


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