N.O.T.W. - Fireworks

Finally I have a nail post for you all!!! Yay!!! I still haven't gone out to buy my favorite top coat but I was in the mood to do a nail design. As most of you do not know besides Christmas being my #1 holiday, 4th of July is right behind it. I've always loved this holiday as a kid and still love it as an adult. Its just something about these two holidays that just make me feel like a kid again. I just love fireworks, the bbq's and even the smell that the fireworks leave.  For this design I knew what I wanted and what I had in mind but I just didn't know how to do it, so I googled it.

Here is what I used

Here is how the design came out

I really hope you all will be having a safe and fun 4th of July!!!


  1. Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays too! Love the mani!

  2. thats such a cute idea!!! its so simple and not too much going on! i love it!!! xoxox

  3. Aww this is cute! A little fireworks is going on on your nail :D

  4. love it that blue is such a pretty color very soft :)

  5. So adorable!! I love love lovee the firework you made!! Very festive <3


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