Camping Weekend Recap

My first weekend recap! On August 10-12 I went camping up in Northern California to my most favorite place. I've been going to this place since I was a little girl, about 4 years old. This is a family tradition that started in the 70's when my mom was a young teenager. This is such a beautiful place that not even the pictures do it justice.
Most of the pictures are scenery, some are mine, my husbands and my dads. 
(pictures were uploaded using blogger so you can click on them to see them a bit bigger)

Seeing this freeway come up is so exciting, just that much closer!!

Entering the beautiful Sierra National Forrest, about 12 miles south of Yosemite.

Most of our day is spent at the lake.



Another part of the lake.


One of the 3 small stores around the lake, this is the one we always go to, its close to our campground.

The worse part is leaving this beautiful place....till next year!!!

Hoped you enjoy these pictures!!


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