Mini Dollar Tree Haul

Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone is starting their weekend of great! I have a mini haul for you all!! Earlier this week I stopped by the Dollar Tree and of course every time I'm there I always look to see what beauty items they have in stock. This week I came across these nail art packages that contain 8 tiny little bottles of nail art glitter and micro beads.

I have never seen these at my Dollar Tree store so I picked up every different one I find before I won't be able to find them again. Here is what each of them contained (click on the pictures to get a better glance at them)
Look at how tiny and cute they are!!

Small Glitter

Confetti Glitter

String Glitter

Micro beads

I'm so glad that I found these and I think its great this company put them in small containers for those us who don't want to spend money a full size when we may not use it all. 

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  1. I've see these they are very affordable and adorable haha

  2. They look all very pretty and a great buy for that price.


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