Happy New Year!!!

*Personal Post if you're interested*

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope you all had a great New Year's night. I myself was tired from working on New Year's Eve. So by 9:30 I was already feeling tired, I had set my alarm for 11:30 to wake up and watch the ball drop on tv. I even told my son to make sure we woke me up because I figured he was excited to stay up till 12 and would wake me up like he always does. An hour later I heard him go the room and he fell asleep. I heard the alarm go off at 11:30 but saw my husband and son were both sleeping and I was so tired I just fell back asleep, so the 3 of us welcomed the new year in our sleep, lol, how sad is that?

2012 was a pretty good year for me, I had been at my job for 5 years working part time and by March of this year they finally offered me a full time position. The job is union so you know how it goes with seniority, which at times can suck if you are constantly seeing people bid on a position you've been doing for quite some time and these people have to be trained or they just don't do the job well. When I finally got offered the position I truly felt that it was over due and well deserved. By August we have received a company notice that the company was going to close its doors by the end of 2012. Honestly it wasn't a shocker since we all saw it coming but regardless it was heartbreaking. I started working there at 24 and saw myself retiring from this company. In August we received word that another company that our job worked with was going to take a portion of our business and they handed out applications. I was hesitant on filling it out because I was looking forward to having a break from working and possibly going back to school for medical. I decided to just fill out the application and just put everything in God's hands. A week or so later I was selected for an interview and again for a second one. By October I had a third meeting with this company and during that meeting they made a job offer and I accepted! While still working, layoffs starting happening and during all this the assistant supervisor we had wanted to be laid off and they gave her request and my manager offered me the assistant supervisor job during the last days remaining since she was moving on and my supervisor was also moving on. I of course accepted since this was an additional experience to add to my resume. My position of assistant supervisor lasted for a month and half and on Nov 30 our dept was laid off. It was so sad to say bye to my coworkers but that time I was so over that company I was ready to move on. By the next business day 12/3/12 I started my new job which I love! The atmosphere is wonderful and the management team is great, encouraging and most of all appreciative of the work we do. 

As you can see 2012 was an up and down year for me job wise, put my everyday life has been wonderful. This year my son turned 10 years old! Such a big deal, double digit age for him! And I of course turned 30 which I was not wanting to do. I told my son that we are doing this together, lol.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I wish 2013 to be a great one for you all!!

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  1. hahaha! i've done the same for several years. happy 2013 to you monica.


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