Haul and Anaheim Ducks N.O.T.W.

Hello beauties! So how many of you are hockey fans? Well I am and I'm a Anaheim Ducks hockey fan and you might know that if you follow me on twitter or instagram. Right now the Ducks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs and they are going through the first round of the playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings and guess what? My husband is a Detroit Red Wings fan so of course right now watching the playoffs together is intense lol. My team is winning is the series 2-1!!! I thought I would do my nails to show my team spirit.

I think the "D" logo came out pretty good for the first try! 

On to my Walgreens haul!!
Picked up the Diamond Lust Collections but missing one.

and picked up a few from the Almost Famous Collections, both are fully of glitters!!

Here are the swatches


  1. cool colors ur nails look very nice!!

  2. I have to get more glitters!! I noticed you use alot of glitters for your nails and i love it!!!!


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