Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

Hello Dolls!

I recently bought an acrylic nail polish rack after debating if I should build it myself or just buy one. Honestly I just wanted to get over with and display my polishes so I ended up buying my nail polish rack on ebay. The rack I bought is to hold an estimated 96 polishes.

I was so excited when I opened the box, lol and first thing I said to myself was, "Wait, the description didn't say it was blue." LOL it was the film on the polish rack, duh! 

Here it is filled with some of the polishes I own. Excuse the wall color its so ugly, I still need to paint our room. I still need to buy another one since I have more polishes in a basket on my desk. But now with one basket of polishes gone I have more vanity space. 

Here is my vanity set up! It still not complete, there is more I want to do. As my vanity space progresses I will post more pictures.

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