Yes, it's been awhile.....

Hello loves, I know it has been some time since I last blogged but to be honest it was sort of hard to keep up and do what I wanted to do with having to live with other people. Not that they kept me from doing it but I just somehow couldn't keep up with it. So good news is that we have our place again!! I hope with having our own place again I can get back into blogging.

If you do not follow me on Instagram then you probably have not seen any of my nail posts so what I will do is post the pictures here to get you all caught up. If you don't follow me on Instagram feel free to do so, you can find me under: MakeupPolishObsessed. Please keep in mind that it is my personal IG account so not only will you find pictures about nail polish and makeup but you will also kind posts of other stuff I'm the bio it explains everything :)

Now for the pictures!!! *some maybe a repeat but since its been so long I dont know if they been posted before.

Here are my most recent nails done this weekend

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  1. Glad to see you back on the blogger world! Can't wait to read more posts. :)


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