Still here??

Is anyone still here in the blogger world? Honestly since Instagram has been around and I've had my Instagram I've become really lazy with my blog posts. Instead of posting my nails and hauls on here I've been sharing them on Instagram and because of that I just may not even do anymore posts on here. At the same time I would hate to just give up on it all at once so for now I'll just keep the blog up.

If you have an Instagram and want to keep up with my posts feel free to follow me there: MakeupPolishObsessed
Please keep in mind that my Instagram is my own personal IG and my bio explains everything you will see on my IG page.

Also another reason I've been lazy with my blog is that for about the past 1-2 years I've been doing a lot of research to start my own business that I'm currently working on as we speak. Before I go into those details I'm doing trial runs with people I know and once those trial runs are done then I'll be opening up my own online store, which I am very excited about!! Once that happens I'll be sharing info on Instagram or may even come back and do a post.

I really hope to see you all on IG and who knows maybe I might do a few posts but there's no telling if and when.

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