Thanksgiving Weekend

I know this is a bit late but I still wanted to share my Thanksgiving weekend with you all. Since 2007 I have been hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my place and I would invite my parents, brother, in-laws and brother in law. Well this year I just didn't feel like having a big dinner so I just made dinner for the 3 of us. It was still nice and a lot more quieter.

On Friday I wasn't going to go shopping but at the last minute I did, this was my first Black Friday ever! I had worked on Black Friday before but never got to shop. So for it being my first Black Friday I though I would have to be rushing to find what I wanted for my son, turns out it was like any other shopping day. I guess in order for me to experience the rush I would have to have gone at the moment stores opened.

On saturday we celebrated my husbands birthday a few days late but it's ok, he got what he wanted. He just wanted to spend a day with his wife and son up at Big Bear. We left at 6 am and got to Big Bear at 7:45 and it was 25°! It was freezing but we loved it! So we ate breakfast around 8, drove around, went to K-Mart and to the Dollar Tree. After looking around we drove around to look for a place for my son to play in the snow and finally found the perfect spot where there was no one else but us. We ended up leaving around 1 something and when we left it only reached 45° and finally got home a little before 3.

On Sunday I as so exhausted from our long weekend and having to wake up early I finally able to just stay home and rest. What did everyone else do for this long weekend?

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