L.A. Kings Game

Saturday night my brother's friend offered him 4 VIP hockey tickets to the Kings game. My brother called and invited my husband and I since we didn't have anything to do. Thank goodness he did because it turned my anniversary weekend into an exciting one!! My family and I are huge hockey fans, our #1 team is the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings are my #2 team. I love being at hockey games and I love how loud it gets. We had so much fun and to top it off the L.A. Kings won!! Oh yeah not to mention there was a proposal at the game (video below)!!Here are some pictures...

My ticket

The game was the L.A. Staples Center

Entering the game


During the period break they brought these cute little kids out to try and score a goal

Here is the video of the proposal!


End of the game!

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  1. Looks very fun and exciting! Omggg staples center my Lakers =( lol


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