Desk Organizers

Took another trip to Target because I wanted to get some organizers to make my desk look a bit neater and more organized. I had been using these small baskets I had purchased from the Dollar Tree Store but I wanted something more sturdy. I had found a 3 drawer organizer that fits perfectly in my desk for $9.99.

3 Drawer Organizer-Target

Here is my small growing collection of makeup that I put in the drawers.

Everything of course fits perfectly in the drawers

I had also been wanting to buy an organizer for my nail polishes because I had them all thrown in a basket on the bottom of my desk. In the cosmetic section of Target where you can find their Caboodle Makeup cases, I had found an acrylic tray. The tray was perfect in size for my small growing collection of nail polishes and that costed $15.49.

Caboodles Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tray
Top View

Front View

Filled with my nail polishes

Now my desk feels a lot more in order and everything is in place. I still keep one the baskets from the Dollar Tree on my desk but only because I have my everyday makeup in there. I keep my makeup palettes and brush roll in the drawer of the desk.

P.S. My hubby bought the desk from WalMart as a Christmas gift, you can find it here -> Mainstays Student Comp. Desk.


  1. thats perfect it looks very organized!!!

  2. i love the nail polish tray!! i might have to steal your idea!! I dont have many polishes so it would be perfect!! lol :)


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