Hair Color Help

Here lately I've wanting to do something different with my hair other than just doing a solid color hair dye. Since I'm getting older and noticing things about my hair that I do not like I want to cover it up. I normally dye my hair burgundy or plum colors. I just love the reddish w/ purple tints in them. Now I'm just thinking of possibly doing highlights which does scare me a bit because its different and that's where I need your opinions.

Here is how my hair looks

Old pic but my hair still looks the same.

What I would like to do

So which do you think would suite me? 1 or 2? Or are there other colors I can do to disguise what I don't like about my hair?? (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about by what I don't like, lol)This is for the highlights not the cut.

Here is what I think....I think I should probably go with #1 because its the first time putting a lighter color in my hair but at the same time I'm willing to take a leap and do #2. But the highlights will have to start from my roots to hid what I don't like about my hair, lol.


  1. i love #2 for you ;-)

  2. Try #2, I'm sure it will look great!

  3. I like the second one Im thinkign of doing the same with my hair =)

  4. Wow ppl on facebook are saying #1 while you girls are saying #2...interesting.

  5. i love @2!!!!!!!!!!!


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