For those of you who have bought a domain name, how did you get it to work? I have my domain name forwarded it do my blog url but I see you can add your domain name to your blog.

I tried to do this

I put my domain name where it says http: but when I do and view my blog, it says its no longer hosted and will redirect to my domain name and of course it just goes in circles from there and had to remove it.

I would like for it to look like the example below. 

If you know what I'm doing wrong please let me know.


  1. it's been a while since i've done it, but in your picture click on BUY ONE NOW (right by need a domain name?) It will forward you to I think GO DADDY where you input the name you want and pay $10 a year for it. hope this helps.

    1. I already bought the domain name but from a different site.

    2. oh. i don't know monica :( can you cancel your order and re-do it the way i mentioned above?

    3. Yes, I saw on I can transfer it.


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