Beautifully Disney

I'm so excited to share with you my new set of mini nail polish I purchased as Disneyland this past Friday!! I actually came across Disneyland's makeup line back in March and I've been wanting to buy something but couldn't decide. So when we went on Friday to their opening of Disneyland's Halloween Time I'd figure this cute little set was perfect for the season. But first I want to share a picture collage I posted on Instagram of the Halloween decorations.

How cute are the decorations??
Here is the set I purchased called Wickedly Beautiful
The name of the set is so perfect since it has my favorite villain the Evil Queen from Snow White

First swatch is of Midnight Hour which is a beautiful red polish

Second is Mistress of Evil which is a charcoal gray hex glitter polish

Next is Just One Bite which is a magenta colored hex glitter polish topped over a silver polish

Lastly is my favorite one of them all which is Diva of the Deep, its a beautiful plum color with a bit of shimmer.

I also took this one with the flash.

I am absolutely in love with all the colors and the formula is great and easy to work with and I plan on buying more on my next trip. Who knows maybe I might even pick up some of the makeup. 

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